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Welcome to Cairns Miniature Helicopter Club Incorporated.

Club Objectives:
To promote and encourage all facets of building and flying model aircraft also to
promote fellowship and goodwill between club members, their families, friends
and members of the communities in which the members live.
New members are welcome including anyone new to helicopter and or aeroplane
flying. All qualified members will make themselves available to assist in the set up
of machines and initial flying instruction as required by new flyers. All assistance
is given in the spirit of goodwill and the receiver should by no way feel any

Club Rules:
The club operates under the Model Rules issued by the Office of Fair Trading
together with ‘The Club Rules’ made by the management committee under the
‘By-laws’ rule 30.(1) of the Model Rules. The Model Rules are available for viewing
by contacting the secretary or on line at
C.M.H.C.I. Rules.
Due to the current facilities available at the end of the unnamed road off
McCormack street near the PCYC and soccer club and at the combined cricket and
soccer field at the corner of Behan and McDonnell streets, collectively known as
Endeavour Park, as authorised by Cairns City Council, the following has been
adopted by the management committee as the Club Rules. Should the flying
location or area change then different rules may be required.

Pilots: When flying must stand on the between the pits area and
the flying area.
Aircraft: When operating must be a minimum of 30 meters from any
person, bystander or private property.
Signs: A sign must be displayed at entry to pits area while flying,
warning the general public that radio controlled model
helicopter flying is in progress.
Aircraft numbers: Only one aircraft to be in the air at a time EXCEPT by mutual
agreement of the pilots that will be flying and at the initial
discretion of the first pilot flying.
Members flying: All people flying must be members of the CMHCI (see note
Visitors: Visitors must be current members of a MAAA affiliated club
before permission can be granted to fly and only allowed on
two separate visits thereafter they must become an
associate member.

Below is a map of our flying site marked out with our pit, spectator and flying zones

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